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Enable integration with SurveyMonkey
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HappyFox and SurveyMonkey integration allows you to improve the quality of customer service through feedback collected from customers via satisfaction surveys. The integration allows you to gather detailed survey feedback with pre-designed questionnaire. 


To enable SurveyMonkey integration do the following:

SurveyMonkey Settings:

1. Sign up for a Pro or Basic SurveyMonkey account. Once your SurveyMonkey account is activated, access the account and click “Create Survey” button. Choose a category of your choice under “Create a new survey”, if you decide to create your own survey template. Alternatively you can choose one of the existing templates by clicking on “Use an Expert Survey Template”.

2. Once you complete editing survey questions, click Next. 

3. A survey link will be auto generated under Send your Survey section. 

HappyFox Settings:

1. Copy the link for use in Smart Rules page.

2. Add a HappyFox notification tag along with “?c” to your survey link, for SurveyMonkey to identify the request as being unique. The tag is a placeholder to the ticket that lets you identify the source easily.

Here is an example:{{client_name}}

3. Add the above link to your customer notifications: go to Manage -> Smart Rules -> Create New Smart Rule.

Customize your message and drop your SurveyMonkey link just below your message along with the HappyFox notification tag.

Once you save the settings you are ready to send survey links to your customers based on a condition. 

To view the survey results you can log in to Survey Monkey account and visit My Surveys à Select the respective survey link à Click Analyze tab. The ID will be located on the top of each individual response as you navigate across. 


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