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Ticket Bar Explained : Card View
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Understanding "Ticket Bar" present in Card View mode:


  1. Ticket ID: Any request that comes into HappyFox is converted into a ticket and is given a unique ticket ID with a prefix of your choice.
  2. Status: This shows the current nature of the ticket in its life time.
  3. Subject: Subject of the ticket.
  4. The snippet of the last customer message. Clicking here opens a quick preview of said ticket.
  5. Pin Ticket: This option allows you to pin the ticket to the sidebar of your ticket list page.
  6. Subscribe: Allows you to subscribe/unsubscribe from the ticket
  7. Change ticket properties: It opens a drop down from where changes can be applied to different ticket properties
  8. Assignee: Staff Member/Agent to whom the ticket is assigned.
  9. Raised By: Name of the contact who created/raised the ticket
  10. Priority: The importance level associated with the specific ticket
  11. Category: This indicates the category in which the ticket is currently in.
  12. Due Date: A date that can be set on a ticket by when the ticket should be 'acted on'. 'Acted on' can be defined in different ways according to the workflow of your organization.
  13. Last Response Indicator: If this is set to red, it indicates that the latest response is by the customer. If it is grey, it indicates that the latest update was that of a staff member/agent. If the indicator were to show red with an exclamation mark, that indicates that the ticket has breached an SLA set you.
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