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Internal Collaboration via Private Notes
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Internal support staff can exchange information on a ticket with other staff members using private notes. Any information added as a private note is appended to a ticket but not made visible to the customer, ensuring that these conversations remain private at all times.

Watch a Feature Walkthrough 📽:

A private note can be added to a ticket in either of the following ways:

1. Private Note From Quick Preview

Whilst on the Ticket List page, click on the last customer message snippet under the ticket subject line. This will slide out a Quick Preview of the ticket.

From the bottom of the Quick Preview pane, choose the Private Note option to add one.

 2. Add Private Note from Ticket Detail page

To include more elements of information in the private note, navigate to the Ticket Detail page, scroll down and hit the Private Note button.

This should open up a rich text editor from where you can enter the private note.

Here are some additional options available to staff when adding a private note:

  • An alert can be sent to single or multiple staff members via email, notifying them of the private note that has been added on this ticket(Top-right corner of Update Window) 
  • Ticket level actions, such as a status,priority, assignee,due date, adding tags change can be performed
Once a private note has been added, it becomes a part of the activity log (on the Staff Interface alone)

For delineation between A 'Private Note' text editor and A 'Reply' text editor, the main text area has a beige tinge to it. 

One More Thing :)

Even though there is just one agent communicating with an end user via a ticket, there is actually a lot of behind-the-scenes effort, brainstorming, and collaboration between different teams and agents that goes into resolving a ticket. This is where the Private Notes feature proves most useful. It allows different teams to seamlessly integrate their efforts to keep the customers happy. Taking full advantage of this feature, you will notice the support process in your organisation smoothen out recurrent inefficiencies. 


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