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How to add an agent reply without notifying the customer
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HappyFox allows adding an update to a ticket, without sending the update in an email notification to the customer. In other words, the Reply Notification template will be disabled just for the update that you choose to. This is useful when you want to

  • Close Tickets just by adding an Internal Note
  • To get rid of the Red dot notification and mark the Ticket as last answered by a agent.

To add an update in the ticket without notifying the customer:

1. Open the ticket.

2. Click on Reply button.

3. Click on the drop up arrow next to Add Reply button.

4. Select Add Reply without notifying.

5. Upon clicking the add reply without notifying button, the reply will be updated on the ticket without notifying the contact. 

With this selected, no email will be sent to the customer notifying them of the update/changes made on the ticket. However, this update and any other changes made, will be visible to the customer only in their contact account on your HappyFox Customer Portal.

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