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Merging Contacts
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Just like merging two tickets of the same contact, HappyFox also provides the option to merge two contact accounts of the same customer/individual. Say they've used a different email address to raise tickets in the past, which they aren't using anymore; and have now begun using a new email ID to raise tickets.

Rather than manually changing the contact on each of their older tickets, which can be tedious, you can just merge the old contact account to the new one, and the tickets created from the old account will appear under the new contact account.

Available on all pricing plans.

Quick Guide to Merging Contacts:

Step 1: Go to the Contacts page from module switcher, find the old contact account and open the contact details page.

Step 2: Click "More Actions" and click "Merge"

Step 3: Search and select a contact from the list to merge and transfer all the details of the old contact.


Step 4: The new contact account that matches the entered email address will then appear. You would be able to "Quick Preview" the changes that might happen upon merging. After Verification, click "Merge Contact".

Step 5: An additional confirmation request will appear, with information on what changes the merge action will bring. Please be sure to review the information according to the message, as once the contact is merged, it cannot be reverted.

Step 6: Upon merging, you will be taken to the contact details page of the new contact account. The merge process is complete.


Important note:

After the merge, the old contact account will cease to exist, and the customer will have to use their new email address to log in to your Support Center, in case they need to view and access all their tickets.

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