How to get field IDs from HappyFox

Field IDs are required when you are trying to access HappyFox API to automate your workflows. While Ticket ID is displayed on the ticket list and ticket details page, to find the IDs of other properties in the app, you may have to query the API.

How to get field IDs from HappyFox API?

1. Go to Manage >> Integration >> API and set up an API key.

2. Open a new tab in the browser.

3. Provide the endpoint URL* and in the address bar and load.

4. When the browser prompt asks for authentication, provide API Key as ID and Auth Code as Password.

You'll see a json dictionary, that contains detailed information on the properties* in your account along with their IDs.

* Property: Properties like Custom fields, Staff, etc.

*Endpoint URL: Depending on which property you need query the below respective end point:

Ticket Category - https://<subdomain>

Staff - https://<subdomain>

Contacts - https://<subdomain><size>&page=<page>

size: (minimum 10, maximum 50, default 10)

Ticket Custom fields - https://<subdomain>

Contact Custom fields - https://<subdomain>

Staff - https://<subdomain>

More GET endpoints are available with example responses here -

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  • 03-Oct-2018