Add Staff

To help teams collaborate, share tickets and solve customer problems together and faster, HappyFox allows administrators to invite more members to handle the help desk tickets. Adding staff to HappyFox involves a few steps as given below:

Click the “Add staff” button in “Staff” section under “Manage” tab. (shown in the snapshot)


In this section that appears as given below, add the name, email id and assign the role for the new staff. In addition select the categories to which the staff belongs to or can handle the tickets from. 


Click Save Settings.

The above action triggers an automated mail to the user requesting to activate the account.

The link to the activation page is sent through the email. The staff can setup the login password during the activation process. Now the staff is all set to support your customers.

Who can Perform this Action?

All HappyFox accounts and billing plans come with the ability to have unlimited staff count. As a best practice we advocate only the administrators of HappyFox account to manage helpdesk staff. To see how adding more staff to your account will affect your monthly/yearly bills please check your account billing page.

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  • 09-Jul-2014