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Dashboard for Android app
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What are the values shown in the Dashboard?

 The Dashboard is divided into 2 parts:

  1. The upper section with the circle
  2. The lower section with 4 values

The upper section shows number of tickets due today and assigned to you:

  • The value inside the circle shows how many tickets you have closed
  • The value below the circle shows how many tickets are remaining
  • The circle shows your progress

The lower section shows tickets that have been assigned to you but have not been closed:

  • The top-left value shows number of tickets that have breached SLAs
  • The top-right value shows number of tickets that belong to the highest priority
  • The bottom-left value shows number of tickets that have not been responded to
  • The bottom-right value shows number of tickets that have Due Date set to tomorrow

Why do I see a lock symbol for the top-left value in the lower section?

The top left value is supposed to show tickets that have breached SLAs. This is valid only for HappyFox accounts with a plan that supports SLA. Upgrade your account's plan to view SLA breached tickets.

What does "No tickets created" mean?

It means that the support agent did not have any work to do, since no ticket matching that criteria was created.

How is "No tickets created" different from a value of 0?

If the support agent closed all tickets that matched the criteria, the dashboard shows 0. If there were no tickets that matched the criteria in the first place, the dashboard shows "No tickets created".

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