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How to search for a ticket?
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The HappyFox Android app allows you to search a ticket based on several filtering options. 


To start searching, click the search button at the top of the Action bar.


1. Search by keyword


To search by a 'keyword', just type the keyword on the search bar. The search results will be a normal keyword search.


2. Search by Ticket ID or Contact


To search by a Contact or a Ticket ID, enter the ID or the contact info on the search field and you will get options below like how it is shown here:


                            Search by Contact or Ticket ID


Now you can select the relevant options to initiate the search.


3. Search by setting Filter options


You can also filter tickets which fall under a particular category and/or priority and/or status, with or without selecting an assignee, and with or without selecting a due date option. You can tap on any filter options for the list below to give the choices for that filter. You can also delete any filter. Anything entered on the search bar with a space is taken as a keyword along with the filter options. 


Below is an example of a search by filter options :


Filter tickets by Category                        


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