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August 2014 Release Notes

New features

  • OKTA integration
  • Insightly CRM integration
  • Contact group - Category association


  • Support for inline images in Staff New Ticket Form
  • New Forum Post notification
  • Due Date template tag - now available for staff notifications (except move, merge notification)
  • KB UI enhancements for mobile devices
  • Landing page options for Support Center - Knowledge base, tickets and home
  • Better handling of content encoding in the email
  • Added {{client_ticket_url}} tag for Send email action (body) in Smart rules
  • Increased the allowed characters length in support center announcement banner
  • Google+ implementation changed to use OAuth 2.0 instead of Open ID, since open ID was deprecated by Google
  • Now showing all articles in a section on the section page of the KB
  • Now adding the title of the KB article in add update form, along with the KB article link
  • We will monitor this for the coming weeks and then arrive at the agreeable list of headers to prevent looping issues for Out of office emails
  • Enhancements in auto suggest behavior for KB articles
  • Fixed display of links in the ticket detail page, when rich text editor is not used

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where if KB section was not associated with a category, the KB section and articles did not show up in the default brand Support center page
  • Fixed bug where forum topics were listed multiple times
  • Fixed bug where support center embed widget was not showing rich text editor in Firefox and Chrome
  • Fixed bug in Staff view of Knowledge base, where preview link was showing an error
  • Fixed bug where Facebook login was failing on support center for new facebook accounts
  • Fixed bug in Reports line chart - where the month names were displayed in alphabetic order rather than chronology as the report demands
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