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January 2013 - Release notes
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New features

  1. Merge tickets
  2. Log of deleted tickets (Note: Not applicable when category is deleted and tickets under it are bulk deleted)
  3. Added custom field import in contact import via CSV/XLS
  4. Integration with Olark live chat and SnapEngage live chat services
  5. New print options - ticket list page for mutiple tickets. In ticket detail page-options to select/deselect Messages, Forward notes, Private Notes, Activity log

  1. UI enhancements for the More actions drop down
  2. Made focus in the 'To' text box in forward ticket page
  3. Added select all/deselect all for attachments in forward ticket page
  4. Removed contextual menu for the rich text editor
  5. New languages support - Turkish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Hindi, Romanian, Albanian, Greek, Slovenian, Hungarian
  6. Made the due date condition in smart rules behave as a deferred action
  7. Preventing inactive staff from showing up in assignee condition in reports
  8. Added ellipses in ticket box for customer message snippet
  9. Add subscribers option is now available in the more actions drop down in Ticket detail page
  10. Better alignment for multiple choice custom fields values
  11. Mailreceiver optimizations
  12. Added default section in Knowledge Base
  13. API enhancements with support for merge tickets
  14. Better search functionality in Customer Panel
Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug where quick status change was not working from the ticket box, when edit replies permission was not enabled
  2. Fixed bug where inactive staff were appearing in the set assignee drop down in smart rules
  3. Fixed bug where staff view for unassigned reports was broken
  4. Fixed bug in SLA where changing category of a ticket did not remove the SLA check from the former category
  5. Fixed bug where attachments in mass reply worked only for the first ticket
  6. Fixed bug where quick status change did not check for smartrule conditions
  7. Fixed bug where quick status change did not check for compulsory on completed type custom fields
  8. Fixed bug in API where ticket ID was not being returned
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