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Changes in your new Support Center
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This article details the changes you may sense on the new Support Center, in relation to elements that used to appear on your HappyFox old customer panel.

P.S: This is not a comprehensive list of all features in the HappyFox Support Center. Please visit the blog to understand the complete set of features that come with the Support Center.


Font: The fonts you have used while creating existing KB articles would remain same and you may not find it to be consistent with new Support Center theme. If you would like to change it go to the staff panel KB section and edit the articles accordingly.


Images: The images that are added get auto-adjusted to the size of content container frame and hence the larger size and width of the image would not cause a problem in the new Support Center. You can still go ahead adjusting the size as you may wish.


Spacing: The new Support Center theme takes care of the default spacing between different elements of your article like images, text, paragraphs etc. If you have manually added a line break in your KB articles you might see larger spacing between elements. To eliminate that you might have to edit the articles in KB staff panel.


Embedded content: The embedded content in your KB should appear fine as it used to be in the old customer panel. In very rare scenarios it may look aberrant to your expectations. Feel free to contact our support team for any help.  


Support Center Name: You can add/edit your Support Center Name under Manage-->General Settings-->Branding settings-->Support center name.


Support Center Home Page Description: You can add/edit your support center description under Manage-->General Settings-->Basic Settings-->Support center home page description.


Support Center Theme Color: You can edit the support center theme color by modifying the color under Manage-->General Settings-->Color Theme-->Header Background


Preview: If you are in doubt how your articles will look like in new Support Center, you can preview the articles from your staff panel.

To preview, publish the article without the check box on 'Internal article-visible only to staff' enabled. View your article and on the right hand side, near the edit button, click 'Preview' to visualize the Support Center view of the article.



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