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January 2014 - Release notes print icon

New features

  • Custom CSS for Support Center (available for plans which allow Rebranding)
  • Now possible to associate staff with individual work schedules
  • Auto assignment will now work as per staff work schedules if set up that way
  • New option to re-open closed tickets on new a customer reply
  • Now possible to mass update custom fields 
  • Atlassian Marketplace Integration 
  • Due date option in advanced search
  • Screencast integration with ScreenR 
  • Now possible to identify if any email sent to a HF account has the category ID in the To field or CC field 
  • Now possible to add tags for KB articles
  • The application now accepts Redirected emails - which will help in preserving the original FROM ID of the email
  • IP Restrictions - Whitelist IP or range of IPs for staff to access the app from - Available only for Mighty plan
  • Auto save drafts


  • Now possible to update custom fields while updating a ticket with a reply or private note
  • Ticket subject is now the title of the page 
  • Now displaying number of tickets while choosing multiple tickets to be deleted from the tickets list page
  • Better handling of change in Staff email ID in the My Settings page. Now, confirmation mail will be sent to the edited Staff email ID and only upon confirmation will the change in email ID be made
  • Enhanced workflow to add a new contact - along with Change contact
  • Reports Data Visibility: Not exporting custom field and its data for fields currently unassociated with any category
  • New access level for Forum Posts, to allow replies to posts only by either Staff/Staff and Contact
  • Internal: Kibana now available for viewing Postfix log and Nginx log from Elasticsearch
  • Now possible to view tickets which have (any) SLA breach via Advanced Search
  • Now exporting number of staff updates, number of client updates and number of private notes added in Report exports
  • When there are no public categories on an account, the option "Display submit ticket option in support center" is disabled automatically
  • KB section names in Support center now sorted alphabetically
  • New Smart rule conditions to handle blank subject
  • New Smart rule conditions to handle tickets where Due date is/is not set
  • Better display of error messages while filling forms
  • Timezone drop down values now show city names along with time zone
  • Fixed workflow issue where pressing the Enter key when the focus is on the CC/BCC text field, the ticket is updated
  • Internal: New CF design used for all condition filters
  • Internal: Now possible to set notice message only for account admin in HF accounts
  • More sorting options for columns in compact view
  • Two new staff permissions:
  • Fixed UI issue where attachment name was overflowing from the attachments area
  • Linked ticket IDs in the SLA performance report exports
  • Option to send account details message to customers while importing customers from CSV/Excel
  • Security enhancements 
  • Pagination available for canned actions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when the Staff assignment notification was not sent to the concerned staff when the ticket was assigned while creating it from the Staff new ticket form
  • Fixed bug where ticket was not getting deleted from the ticket detail page immediately after ticket creation
  • Fixed bug where Mass update/reply actions were not working in IE8


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