Enable integration with Zapier

"Zapier" is a web automation platform that enables businesses to connect hundreds of web apps. It allows you to create microtasks called ‘Zaps’ that allow predetermined actions to run on an app based on a trigger from another app.

To enable HappyFox integration with Zapier, please do the following:

HappyFox settings:

1. Go to Manage >> Integrations.

2. Click on configure API and activate API.

3. Add a new API key.

4. Provide an "Identification Name" and set the "Throttling Options" to suit your preference.

5. Click on "Save Settings".

6. You will now see Zapier in the list of "API Keys".

7. Hover to the side of the Zapier integration and click on "see auth code"

8. You will see a popup which shows the "API Key" and "Auth Code".

9. You will need to provide these 'API Key' and 'Auth Code' credentials in your 'Zapier' account, in order to complete the integration with HappyFox.

How to create a Zap:(In Zapier)

You can use the dynamic drag-and-drop screen to drop your triggering app on one side, decide which action is the trigger, and then drop the actionable app on the other side and decide which action should be triggered.

For instance, to create a ‘Mailchimp <–> HappyFox’ Zap please do the following:

1. Drag "Mailchimp" on one side and choose a 'trigger'. For example, let’s trigger it when a new campaign is created.

2. Drag "HappyFox" on the action side, and 'trigger' a new ticket when a new campaign is created on Mailchimp.

3. Choose a 'Mailchimp' account to trigger from, and a 'HappyFox' account on which the ticket is to be created. 

4. Add filters to the Mailchimp trigger, if necessary. For example, let’s trigger HappyFox tickets only when the campaign is in ‘sent’ status.

5. Match up your "MailChimp" campaign to HappyFox by matching fields like "Email", "Name", "Title", etc., from MailChimp to the appropriate fields in the HappyFox ticket to be created.

6. Now test your Zap trigger once, give it a name and activate it. Your integration with Zapier is now done.

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  • 03-Oct-2018