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Integrating HappyFox with Slack through Zapier
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To integrate HappyFox and Slack through Zapier, you'll need an account with Zapier. Click here to sign up for one if you haven't yet. 

Applicable on all pricing plans.

Heads up ❇️! Check out HappyFox's native slack integration here. Get instant help desk ticket notifications to any Channel/DM of your choice! Create, reply and update your tickets from within Slack.

Steps to set up the integration:

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and click Make A Zap
  2. Under "Choose a Trigger App", search for HappyFox and select it.
  3. Select the HappyFox Trigger, and hit continue.

  4. You'll now have to select your HappyFox account. If you haven't connected your HappyFox account to your Zapier account yet, click "Connect a New Account".
  5. On the pop-up window that appears next, you'll need to paste the API key and Auth code you had created in your HappyFox account, for this integration.

    Up on clicking "Yes, continue", Zapier will then proceed to validate your HappyFox API credentials, and connect the two accounts.
  6. Once the two accounts are connected, you will have the option to Test it. Click "Save + Continue" to proceed.

  7. Next, you'll be provided options to specify on which tickets should this integration specifically apply. You can specify tickets' Statuses, Priorities, and Categories.

  8. On the next step, you'll be provided a URL; using this URL you should create a Webhook in your HappyFox account.

    8.1. Copy the URL here; then head to your HappyFox account and navigate to Manage >> Integrations >> Web hooks configure.
    8.2. Click "Create a new web hook"
    8.3. Give your web hook a name and paste the URL you had copied, under URL.
    8.4. Select "Trigger when a ticket is created" under Trigger options.
    8.5. Select the respective category(ies) to be associated. It should look something like this.

           Click Save Settings, when you're done, to create the webhook.
    8.6. Under "Webhooks active", select Yes to enable the Webhooks integration.
    For more information on how Webhooks work, please click here.
  9. Now switch over to Zapier, and click "Ok, I did this". You can now test your trigger app by creating a ticket that matches the ticket properties you had selected in step 7. Once the test is successful, you'll receive see a screen as below:

    With this, your trigger app is all set up. Click Continue to proceed to configure your "Action" app.
  10. Search for "Slack" and select it from the list.
  11. Select your desired option from the list of available Slack actions. Scroll down, and click "Save + Continue" to proceed.
  12. You'll now have to select your Slack account. If you haven't got a Slack account connected yet, click "Connect a New Account".
    12.1. Enter your Slack account's information, and log in using your Slack account's credentials.
    12.2. You'll then be requested to provide Zapier access to your Slack account. Click "Authorize."
    12.3. Once the Slack account is connected, click "Save + Continue" to proceed.
  13. On this step, you may customize how and on which channel, should the message should be posted in Slack.

    When you're done, scroll down and click "Continue".
  14. An option to test this set up will then be provided. You may choose to test out how the message will appear in Slack, or click to "Create" & Continue" to proceed.
    14.1. Once you're done testing, and confirmed it works, click Finish to complete the Zap set up.

  15. Finally, you may give your Zap a name, and click to switch your Zap "ON".

    Zapier will then proceed to confirm all your changes, and your Zap will be up and ready to work.

With this in place, each time a Critical ticket is created in HappyFox, a message will be sent to the indicated Slack channel.


For the full list of available Zapier triggers and actions between HappyFox and Slack, please click here.


If you have any questions regarding this set up, feel free to chat with us, or write in at

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