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How to create and manage tasks in a incident?
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Agents can add the list of task or checklist for an incident in this section. This will help them to keep track of the activities that needs to be done in order to resolve an incident.

Tasks tab in Incident details page

  • Navigate to a Incident details page > Tasks tab

  • Click on +Add Task button

  • Provide the Task Name, Assignee and Due Date & Time in the task popover displayed and click on Add, this will add a new task into the Tasks tab.

  • Checkbox: You can mark a task as complete by clicking on the checkbox provided.

  • Edit and Delete actions can also be done by clicking on the respective action icons displayed at the rear end.


  • An incident cannot be closed until all the tasks are marked complete. 

  • However, you can also create or edit the tasks even after an incident is closed. 

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