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How to use filters and setup custom filters in Service Desk?
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Using filters, agents can drill down the incidents in a specific queue to match certain conditions based on their need and use cases. 


Team filter in the Left Panel

  • Team filters will be available in the left panel of the incident listing page below the Queues.

  • This will help the agents to quickly navigate between the various teams' incidents easily and quickly.

  • The teams to which the agent is part of will be displayed here.

  • Clicking on a team in the left panel, will display ONLY the incidents assigned to the respective team.

  • When a team filter is selected in the left panel, the Team name will be the Title of the Listing page at the top.

  • Team filters are built in with the listing pages and cannot be customized or disabled.

Set up Custom Filters

This will allow you to filter the incidents in a specific queue, based on a certain condition or a combination of conditions depending upon the agent's needs.

  1. Navigate to the Incidents module this will load the Incidents Listing Page (default queue).

  2. Click on the New Filter drop component on the top right.

  3. This will expand a a filter section below where you can specify the filtering conditions under Match All or Many Any

    • Define the conditions on how the incidents should be filtered
    • When you click on the + button, attributes for defining the conditions will be available in the dropdown.
    • For Match All, ALL of the conditions specified need to be TRUE to filter the incidents
    • For Match Any, at least ANY ONE of the conditions specified need to be TRUE to filter the incidents.
  4. Once the conditions are specified click on Add

  5. The incidents will be filtered and displayed in the listing page.

Save frequently used filters

Support Agents work on incidents day in and day out and there may be a number of occasions in which the agent may use the same filters frequently. In order to perform this effectively service desk offers a easy way to save the filters. 

  • You can save a filter by clicking on the Save button once the filtering conditions are specified.

  • This will prompt you to specify a name for the filter.

  • Once saved, you will be able to find the saved filter under the New Filter dropdown.

  • You can now use the saved filter anytime to filter through the incidents queue.

  • You can also combine it with other filters if required. 

Reset Filter - Will remove the filter conditions specified (in both Match All and Match Any) and reset the incident ticket listing to the latest queue.
Clear Filter - Will remove the filter conditions as well as hide or clear the filtering area.


Filtrering Conditions 

You can filter the incidents using conditions based on, 

  1. Standard incident field properties

  2. Custom fields 

  3. Time based properties

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