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Enable multiple Single Sign-On (SSO) Apps for a Help Desk account
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Multiple SSO login methods can now be enabled for a single Help Desk account. This is particularly beneficial for organisations where employees(agents and contacts) utilise multiple SSO login methods. Admins can now configure all relevant SSO apps for the Help Desk account, eliminating the need for a single SSO.


  • This is applicable for both agents and contacts.
  • The admins can set up more than one SSO app  under Manage > Apps > Single Sign On for a single account.
  • In the Single Sign On screen, all the enabled SSO integrations will be denoted with a checkmark.


The Login page for agent portal/support center will list all the SSO apps enabled as a login method. The agents/contacts will be able to login to agent portal/support center respectively using any of the enabled SSO apps(Note: Provided the agent/contact is signed up or added to the apps)


Agent Portal with multiple SSO's configured


Support Center with multiple SSO's configured




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