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How to initiate bulk action over incidents?
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Bulk actions are useful to support agents in cases where the agent will have to perform the same action on multiple incidents.

How to initiate bulk action over incidents?

  • Once you choose more than one incident from the listing page the bulk editing action bar will be displayed on the top of the page.
  • Also, you can also select all the incidents on a page by clicking on the checkbox next to the Queue title.
  • Currently, the bulk editing actions that can be taken over incidents are as follows
    1. Change Priority
    2. Change Impact
    3. Change Urgency
    4. Send Mass Reply
    5. Delete 
  • Once a bulk action is triggered, the bulk update action will be initiated as a background process and a loader will be displayed on the app header.
  • Clicking on the loader will display a popover to show the progress of the bulk update action. 

  • Depending on the number of incidents selected and properties that are getting updated the bulk action will take some time to complete. 

Cancelling a bulk action

  • You can also cancel a bulk update action from the app header > popover if required.

  • Do note, canceling a bulk action will NOT REVERT the changes that have already been updated to the incidents.

  • Once the bulk update is complete you will be notified with a banner message.

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