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Understanding the Incident Listing Page
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The Incident Listing Page is a central hub that provides support agents and admins with a comprehensive view of all the incidents in Service Desk. In this article, we will explore the various components of the Incident Listing Page and how they can be utilized to streamline support operations and enhance productivity.


Incident Listing Page - Structure and Overview


The two main views available are Card View and Compact View. More details are available in the article below.

Quick Guide on Views and its properties



Queues is an easy way to organize and create custom views based on various filtering conditions for the agents. Queues will be displayed in the left pane in the listing page. Support agent(s) can create multiple queues based on their needs and requirements by configuring various conditions. More details are available in the article below.

Quick guide on Queues


Search and Search Results

The unified search bar on the app header allows you to search for incidents, service requests and requesters right from anywhere.

Understanding Unified Search



Using filters agents or admins can drill down the incidents in a specific queue to match certain conditions based on their need and use cases. 

Quick guide on Filters



Sort allows the agents to order the incidents in the list page based on various conditions like Last Replied, Time of Ticket Creation, Priority, etc. 

Quick guide on Sort


Bulk Actions

Bulk actions are useful to support agents in cases where the agent will have to perform the same action on multiple incidents. This article will explain how to perform bulk actions. 

Quick guide on Bulk Actions

Required Permission


Understanding the various features of the Incident Listing Page ensures a smooth, quick and productive support process for both agents and end users. With its diverse set of views, queues, search capabilities, filters, and bulk actions, agents can optimize their day to day tasks and deliver exceptional support experience to the end users.

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