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Associate categories to contacts who view other contact’s tickets
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Agents can now restrict a contact (with view all tickets permission) from viewing certain category tickets created by other contact group members. Only the ticket categories chosen by the agent in the agent portal will be displayed to the contact with View All Tickets permission in the contact portal.


For example, there could be categories related to HR, Finance, Insurance and so on, that are confidential to a contact. These tickets should not be visible to other contacts even though some other contact has the View All Tickets permission enabled in the Contact group.


Who can perform this action?
Any agent with Manage Contact Groups permission can update the list of categories that can be viewed by a contact who sees other contact’s tickets. 


Step to associate categories to contacts with View All Permission

  1. Goto Contacts > Contact Groups.
  2. Navigate to the required Contact Group.
  3. Enable the View All Tickets toggle for the required contact.
  4. The Category Association field will be enabled. 
  5. All the categories will be selected by default. Clicking on All categories selected will display a menu with a list of all public categories and associated private categories.
  6. Update category mapping so that only the relevant categories are selected and click Update.
  7. The number of categories associated will be displayed in the Category Association field.



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