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Disabling contacts from logging in to Contact Portal
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There could be scenarios where an admin or an agent would need to prevent a specific contact from logging in to their Contact Portal. This can be achieved in the contact module in HappyFox Helpdesk. A contact who has been disabled cannot log in to the contact portal. However they can still access the support center. This feature is applicable only to the V2 version of HelpDesk and Support Center. 


Steps to disable a contact

  • In Agent Portal, navigate to the Contact > All Contacts module. 
  • Select the Contact to be disabled. You will see the contact details page. 
  • In the right pane, you will be able to view the Contact Portal card.
  • Edit the field Allow Contact to login to Contact Portal and select No.
  • Click Save. The contact will be disabled from logging in to the Support Center.
  • A contact audit log entry will be added whenever a contact is enabled/disabled.



Contact Portal behavior when a disabled contact tries to log in

When a disabled contact attempts to login (using the valid email id and password combination ) an error message will be displayed as shown below:

When a disabled contact attempts to Register using the same email, the message ‘Account with this email already exists’ will be displayed.
The disabled contact will be allowed to perform all actions available in the support center without logging in. 


Contact Portal Card Details

The following  information will be available inside the contact portal card present in the right pane of the contact details page.

  • Last login at - The date and timestamp of the last login of a contact in contact portal will be displayed. 
  • Allow Contact to login to Contact Portal  with the dropdown options Yes and No. By default the option will be set to Yes



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