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Analyze Response Stats
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Agent Response View inside HappyFox Reports allows you have a quick overview of key helpdesk agent response statistics such as Average First Response Time, Average # of responses etc.

This view presents an overall picture of response statistics, to drill down the respective response stats of each individual agent, go to "Agent Performance View".

This Article pertains to "HappyFox Classic Reports".

Available in all pricing plans.

Where to View the "Response Stats View"?

1. Login to your HappyFox helpdesk account and go to Reports (Classic) >> All Reports”.

2. Select the appropriate one from the list of available reports.

3. Scroll down to the Tabular View and click on the Response Stats View icon.


Metrics Reported under "Response Stats View":

  • Average First Response Time - The average time taken by your agent to send the first response to the customer’s ticket

  • Average Response Time - The average time between the time when the ticket was updated by a customer and the agent member responding to it
  • Average # of replies - 
the average number of agent responses to a ticket

  • Average # of responses to completed state - the average number of agent responses on tickets that have been solved or otherwise, closed.
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