Analyze Response Stats

This view shows you how to monitor the responses of your staff members using the Staff Response Stats view of reports.

Login to your help desk account and click the “Reports” tab.

Now click on a report to view it.

Scroll down to the Tabular View and click on the Response Stats View icon.

You will be able to analyze the overall response stats of your staff members, with regard to the tickets that the report is based on such as:

  • Average First Response Time - The average time taken by your staff to send the first response to the customer’s ticket
  • Average Response Time - The average time between the time when the ticket was updated by a customer and the staff member responding to it
  • Average Time to Ticket Completed - The average time taken by a staff to Close(Status with a completed behavior) a ticket
  • Average # of responses - 
the average number of staff responses to a ticket
  • Average # of responses for completion - the average number of staff responses on tickets that have been solved or otherwise, closed.
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  • 15-Feb-2017