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Analyze Agent Performance
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Monitor metrics that define your helpdesk performance (Average Time Spent, Average Response Time etc.) using "Agent Performance View" inside HappyFox Reports.

This Article pertains to "HappyFox Classic Reports".

Available in all pricing plans


Where to View the "Agent Performance View"?

1. Login to your HappyFox helpdesk account and go to Reports (Classic) >> All Reports”.

2. Select the appropriate one from the list of available reports.

3. Scroll down to the Tabular View and click on the Agent Performance View icon.


Metrics Reported under "Agent Performance View":

  • Average First Response Time: The average time taken by the agent to send the first response on new tickets,
  • Average Response Time: The average time taken by an agent to respond to any customer response. 
  • Average Time to Completed: The average time taken by the agent to resolve tickets.
  • Average Time Spent: The average of Time Spent minutes added by the agent on the tickets they've worked on.
  • Average # of Responses: The average number of responses sent by the agent.
  • Average # of Responses for Completion: The average number of responses sent for solving/closing a ticket.

To sort the data by any one of the parameters, click on the relevant column head. You can also export these values as a CSV/Excel files by clicking on the respective links.


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