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How to configure IP Restrictions in Service Desk

Service Desk allows you to whitelist the IP addresses from which service desk agents or admins can access their accounts. Required Permission Manage Security Settings * Agents with this permission   will be able to access the Security module under Service Desk > Manage > General Settings section * This is a…

How to add HappyFox as a Safe Sender in Office 365 (Exchange)

The below steps will walk you through adding HappyFox as a Safe Sender on your Office 365 (Microsoft Exchange) instance. This will help ensure your emails are delivered without any delays. Connection Filter Step 1: Log on to your Office365 (Microsoft Exchange) instance, then head on over to the Exchange Admin Cente…

Restrict access to HappyFox based on agent IP

HappyFox allows you to whitelist the IP addresses from which agents can access their accounts. This feature is available on Enterprise and above pricing plans. Note : Only Account Admins can manage the “IP restrictions” settings. Agents with “Manage security” will have access to read only view. Create IP res…

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