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How to configure IP Restrictions in Service Desk
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Service Desk allows you to whitelist the IP addresses from which service desk agents or admins can access their accounts.


Required Permission

Manage Security Settings

  • Agents with this permission will be able to access the Security module under Service Desk > Manage > General Settings section

  • This is a Account Level Permission.


  • Only Account Admins can configure and manage the IP restrictions settings.

  • Other agents who have this permissions can only view the configuration done.


How to configure IP restriction in Service Desk?

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Manage > General Settings section > Security 
  2. IP Restrictions tab will be selected by default.
  3. Click on the + button or Add IP Restriction button.
  4. If it is the first IP address configuration, your own IP address will be automatically detected and defaulted to avoid locking yourself out once the IP restriction is enabled.
  5. Provide a suitable name for the IP restriction to easily identify. 
  6. Then, you can choose to configure,
    • Single IP address or,
    • Range of IP addresses by switching the radio button. This reduces the manual work of entering all IP addresses which are within a range.
  7. Depending on the above selection, provide the IPs in the IP Address fields.
  8. Click on Create IP Restriction to save the settings.
  9. Once the IPs are configured, Enable the IP Restriction toggle on the listing page to activate the IP restriction for your Service Desk account.
    • Note: This restricts access to your service desk account to specific IP address. When enabled, this blocks access to all agents whose IP address is not listed.

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