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Track agent availability in audit logs

HappyFox audit logs let you track the actions/changes made across the app. Actions performed by agents with regards to login/logout and availability are also captured in the audit logs. This is available as part of the basic audit logs and is applicable for all plans Login / Logout Whenever agents log into o…

Audit Logs for Contacts

Contact audit logs will let you track the various actions, updates and events that happen with respect to a Contact. You will be able to monitor and keep track of any activity involving the contact information with the help of these logs. It will help admins to take immediate actions to any unintentional changes or u…

SMS Logs: View logs of text messages triggered from HappyFox

Introduction: When you want to check the status and price of the SMS sent from HappyFox, all in one place, SMS logs does the job for you.  To do this, you need to have the SMS feature enabled within HappyFox.  Read about  HappyFox SMS  to enable SMS feature to your account. This feature is available only to Fantast…

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