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SMS Logs: View logs of text messages triggered from HappyFox
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When you want to check the status and price of the SMS sent from HappyFox, all in one place, SMS logs does the job for you. To do this, you need to have the SMS feature enabled within HappyFox.  Read about HappyFox SMS to enable SMS feature to your account.

This feature is available only to Fantastic and above plans.

SMS logs can be viewed only by agents, who have 'Manage SMS' permission. Goto Manage >> Staff >> Roles and enable this managerial permission to the staff roles which can access SMS logs. Agents without Manage SMS permissions, will not be able to see the SMS tab under the manage section.

  • The overview section shows the total balance spent for the given period of time, and the total messages sent within this period.
  • Filters help you to view a subset of the logs, based on the Sending number, Status of the message, Start date and End date.
  • Ticket column link to the update id of the ticket, which can be clicked to view the SMS note logged in the ticket details page.



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