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Audit Logs for Contacts
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Contact audit logs will let you track the various actions, updates and events that happen with respect to a Contact. You will be able to monitor and keep track of any activity involving the contact information with the help of these logs. It will help admins to take immediate actions to any unintentional changes or updates over a contact record.


Contact Audit logs will be available for all HappyFox Plans: ✔️ Mighty  ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus ✔️ Unlimited Agents plans


How to access a contact's audit log?

Navigate to Contact > All Contacts > Contact details page > Activity to see the logs captured for a contact. The audit logs will be sorted based on the timestamp of each activity with the most recent log displayed at the top.



What kind of information will be captured in these audit logs? 

The actions to which the audit logs are captured in HappyFox are, 

  1. Create - When a new contact is created
  2. Update - When an existing contact details are updated (Name, Email, Primary phone number, Custom field values)


The log will capture the following details for each activity,

  • Author - Actor or the author of the activity (can be a Contact, Agent, Admin, any app integration) 
  • Date and Timestamp - of the activity
  • IP Address - IP address information of the author
  • Activity - What changes were done to the contact record. More granular details will be available here. For example, when a contact's phone number is updated it will be displayed as below.


Please refer the table below to know the various activities or cases to which the audit logs will be captured in HappyFox,


#Note: Contact Audit logs will not be updated in real time. Changes made to a contact's record will take some time to reflect in the Contacts > Activity section. The logs will be synced every three hours.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I be able to see the changes/updates in logs immediately? similar to the Tickets Activity?

A: No. There will be a time delay. Currently contact's audit logs will be synced every three hours


Q: Will all the historical logs be available for Contact?

A: Above mentioned actions or updates starting from October 2019 are captured and recorded in a contact's audit logs.


Screenshots for reference

Contact created through Azure AD sync log


Contact created through Bulk Import log


Existing Contact's custom fields update log

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