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Track agent availability in audit logs
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HappyFox audit logs let you track the actions/changes made across the app. Actions performed by agents with regards to login/logout and availability are also captured in the audit logs. 


This is available as part of the basic audit logs and is applicable for all plans


Login / Logout

Whenever agents log into or log out of the staff portal, the action is recorded. Logout action can happen in the following two scenarios. 

  1. Manual logout - The agent manually logs out of the staff portal
  2. Session Timeout - The agent is automatically logged out by the system. Click Here if you like to know more about how this happens. 


Agent Availability

When agents are part of any auto-assignment rules, they can specify their availability. Additionally, during log out, agents can indicate their systems regarding their availability. 


Audit logs will capture any change in the availability of the agent. So, whenever an agent's availability is marked as available or unavailable, an entry in the audit log is captured. 



The above information is also made available in the exported report.




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