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Configure Magento 2 Integration With HappyFox

Magento is an open-source E-Commerce platform designed to help retailers create unique, differentiated branded experiences for their online stores. Magento 2 is the re-envisioned version of Magento with a brand new user- interface, improved features built using a different architecture. _**Note: **This article explai…

Salesforce B2C Commerce Integration

HappyFox integration with Salesforce B2C commerce (formerly Demandware) enables enterprises to provide stellar billing support and improve the post- purchase experience for customers. ## **Integration Summary:** * View Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud customer information and recent orders within a HappyFox ticket. …

Enable Integration with BigCommerce

HappyFox-BigCommerce integration allows agents to view BigCommerce customer information and recent orders from within a HappyFox ticket. Additionally, agents can lookup BigCommerce customer and order information and use it while creating a new HappyFox ticket. > Available on all pricing plans This integrat…

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