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Enable Integration with BigCommerce
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HappyFox-BigCommerce integration allows agents to view BigCommerce customer information and recent orders from within a HappyFox ticket. Additionally, agents can lookup BigCommerce customer and order information and use it while creating a new HappyFox ticket.

Available on all pricing plans

This integration Configuration utlizes the latest Store API account from BigCommerce.


Multi-Store Support:

Multiple BigCommerce Stores can be linked to HappyFox. Customer information and recent orders from the various BigCommerce stores integrated to HappyFox are displayed inside Ticket Details page and in New ticket creation form.


Integrate a BigCommerce Store with HappyFox:

  • Log in to HappyFox.
  • Go to Apps >> E-Commerce >> BigCommerce.
  • Click "Install".
  • Get the Client ID and Access Token from BigCommerce. [Important: Set OAuth Scopes to Read-only whenever mentioned]
  • Click "Add New BigCommerce Account".
  • Enter 
    • Your BigCommerce Permanent Address URL. [Should be of the format <storename>]
    • Client ID obtained from BigCommerce.
    • Access token obtained from BigCommerce.
  • Ensure "Account Status" toggle is enabled. 
  • Click "Save" This should enable the integration.

To add another BigCommerce Store, 

  • Go to Apps >> E-Commerce >> BigCommerce.

  • Click "Manage".

  • Click "Add New BigCommerce Account" and repeat the steps described earlier to integrate a BigCommerce Store.

Managing Existing Stores:

  • Go to Apps >> E-Commerce >> BigCommerce.

  • Click "Manage".

  • Click "Gear Icon" next to each store enables you to edit or delete that particular store.


BigCommerce Stores Customer and Order information displayed in "Ticket Creation Form":



BigCommerce Stores Customer and Order information displayed in "Ticket Details Page":




  • Clicking the "Pop Up" icon near the BigCommerce Store name redirects you to the customer profile edit page inside the corresponding BigCommerce store. 
  • Clicking the "Pop Up" icon Under to "Order Ref" value redirects to the corresponding order details page inside BigCommerce.
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