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How to setup and verify SPF for an email channel?

## What is SPF? SPF - Sender Policy Framework, is an email authentication method designed to prevent email spoofing and unauthorised use of a domain in email messages. SPF works by allowing domain owners to specify which mail servers are authorised to send emails on behalf of their domain. **Here's how SPF works** …

Enforcing stronger email sender requirements in HappyFox

**Important Announcement:** Gmail and Yahoo Mail have announced new, stricter requirements for bulk email senders. These new email requirements aim to improve email security and reduce spam. More details can be found here, * [Gmail][1] * [Yahoo Mail][2] # What this means to you? **Jan 30, 2024 **-** **HappyFox …

Using SPF records to aid proper e-mail delivery

If you are using your own domain as a _From Address_ in HappyFox with or without your own _SMTP credentials_, you should set up an SPF record with your e-mail domain registrar to ensure proper delivery of emails. [**Sender Policy Framework**][1] (**SPF**) is an [email][2] validation protocol designed to allow receivin…

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