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How to set timezone for your Happyfox BI account?

**HappyFox BI allows you to configure your timezone so that the reports can be shown in your timezone instead of UTC.** **Steps to be followed:** * **Click on the profile icon on the top right of the page.** * **Click 'My Settings'**** from the dropdown** * **Click on the 'Timezone' option and choose your ti…

Daylight Savings Time in HappyFox

[Daylight Savings Time][1], also known as Summer Time, is a practice that many countries have in place, to set their clocks one hour ahead of their standard time. This typically occurs around the start of springtime and goes back to the regular standard time in autumn. To tackle DST, we have introduced a new set of t…

Change the Time and Language Settings

HappyFox allows you to set the "Timezone" and "Language" settings, which will be set to every new agent added to your support system. 🔐 These settings are available only for **Account Administrator**. **Change Time and Language settings:** * Login to your Agent interface and navigate to **Manage >> ****Account Se…

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