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How to set up a Report Subscription?

**Report Subscription in HappyFox BI (Scheduled reports) sends automated report emails to recipients at the scheduled time with no human intervention based on the pre-set time, frequency, and content.** **Setting up Report subscription:** * **Hover over the page name on the main screen.** * **Click on the mail i…

How to create and use a Report Template?

**A Report template can be used to replicate a report and then tweak the replicated report based on your needs if required.** **Creating a Report template:** * **Create a [report][1].** * **Click on the edit symbol next to the report name in the menu. ** ![][2] * **Click on ‘Save as report template’. ** ** …

What are Scheduled Reports?

Scheduled reports in HappyFox allow you to send periodic emails of the data in certain reports of your choice, at a frequency determined by you. Applicable Plans: ❌ Mighty ❌ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus **How can I create scheduled reports?** * Log in to your HappyFox agent panel. * You should…

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