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How to set up a Report Subscription?
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Report Subscription in HappyFox BI (Scheduled reports) sends automated report emails to recipients at the scheduled time with no human intervention based on the pre-set time, frequency, and content.


Setting up Report subscription:


  • Hover over the page name on the main screen.
  • Click on the mail icon next to the page name.


  • Customise the report subscription settings as requiredSchedule the date and time of day at which the email has to be sent along with the preferred frequency from daily, weekly or monthly.



  • Save the report subscription. You can turn on or off a report subscription if required – turning off a subscription does not imply deleting the subscription, it's just temporarily stopped until turned on.

Scheduled report emails sent to recipients contain an image and a link to that report, a PDF of that report is also attached to that e-mail.


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