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How to create and use a Report Template?
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A Report template can be used to replicate a report and then tweak the replicated report based on your needs if required.


Creating a Report template:


  • Create a report.
  • Click on the edit symbol next to the report name in the menu.



  • Click on ‘Save as report template’.



  • Add a name for the report template.
  • Click ‘Save as report template’.

The Report template is now created. You can now use this template to build new reports by updating the existing template.


Using an existing Report template:


  • Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the Reports in the menu bar.




  • Enter the report name.
  • Now choose the report template from the dropdown under-’Use Report template' to build your report.
  • Then click Add.


The selected report template gets replicated under a new name now. You can now update this report if required or use as is.


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