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What are Scheduled Reports?
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Scheduled reports in HappyFox allow you to send periodic emails of the data in certain reports of your choice, at a frequency determined by you. 

Applicable Plans: ❌ Mighty ❌ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

How can I create scheduled reports?

  • Log in to your HappyFox agent panel.
  • You should have permission for your agent role to "Add & Edit reports" to access the Scheduled Reports section.
  • Click on the Reports tab and click on the Scheduled Reports sub tab.
  • Click on "Add a new Scheduled Report".
  • Give the scheduled report a name, like "High Priority tickets emailed to All Managers" and an appropriate description.
  • Set the Active drop down to Yes. The email will be sent only if this is set to Yes.
  • Choose a report from the drop down in the next field. The list of reports available here will only be the ones that you have access to view.
  • As you might be aware, HappyFox allows you to filter the tickets through these 7 parameters - Ticket creation, Ticket assignment, Customer reply, Agent reply, Ticket closure, agent private notes, agent reply, and private notes. You can choose which filter among these needs to be applied to the report selected above.
  • Choose the frequency of when you'd like your agent to receive this report. The options available are Daily/Weekly/Monthly, with further options like Day of the week and Start/End of the month available for the last two.
  • Choose the agent who should receive this email from the list of agents below. You can select the agents by roles too. If you see an agent with the checkbox disabled, it means that the agent does not have access to that report, hence cannot be made a part of the scheduled report. You will have to enable access to such agent under Reports before making them a part of the scheduled report.
  • Save the form and your scheduled report will now be saved. 

Who will receive the scheduled report email and when will they receive it?

The scheduled report will be delivered to all the agents selected to receive the email at the start of the day, according to the instance timezone (which is set in the Manage > General page). The agents will receive this email in the email ID associated with their agent account on the HappyFox account.

Can this email be sent to customers or someone who's not an agent?

Currently, No. But we do have plans to implement this in the future.

What is the data available in the scheduled report email?

Your agent will receive an HTML email like this,



The data available in this report is preset and cannot be altered. The numbers in the email provide a useful overview of the report that they are receiving the mail for. At a quick glance, the agent can see how many tickets have been completed, how many are still in pending, the first response time for these tickets, response time to completion and more.

The same HTML file is also sent as an attachment along with the email. In case there are more than 20 agents members on your account, the Assignee section will be limited in the email body, but the attached HTML file will contain all the agents.

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