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Category advanced settings explained.

# **Category signature** **If you wish to add a standard company signature across all the replies sent out apart from the agent signature, you can use this setting. ** **Note: Category signature added here will be appended in the email only if the notification template has the {{category_signature|| merge field adde…

How to create a category?

1. **Go to Manage >> Categories as shown below ** **Note: You need to have “Manage Categories” permission to view this option under the main menu.** ![][1] **![][2]** 1. **Click on the “+” icon to start creating a category. ** 2. **Create a category form explained: ** ![][3] **![][4]** 1. **Name: Enter…

Configure Email Categories

HappyFox Categories are mailboxes that allow different departments or groups to handle relevant tickets using one HappyFox Help Desk instance. Each category can be assigned an email ID to which your contacts would directly send their email requests. The incoming emails get converted into tickets automatically and plac…

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