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Support Center Settings - Explained
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This article explains the different settings that affect the self-service experience for your customers. Every setting is customizable per multi-brand.


Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus



Head over to Support Center from your module switcher to access support center settings.



Contact Portal >> Preferences:


Settings affecting your contact portals are present here.


  • Status Display Type: Lets you toggle between status name/status behavior as the default display format for contacts in the contact portal.
  • Allow contacts to close tickets: If enabled, this setting allows customers inside contact portal to close pending tickets by themselves.
    • If enabled, you can specify a default closure status -> the status the ticket moves into, once it has been marked as "closed" by the contact.
    • It is important to note that, this closure activity from the contact portal will override all custom field validations.
  • Ticket visibility options:
    • Show ticket due date to contact: If enabled, the ticket "Due-date" is displayed by the contact in the contact portal.
    • Show time spent on the ticket to contact: If enabled, the ticket time spent value is displayed by the contact in the contact portal.
    • Show ticket assignee to contact: If enabled, the ticket assignee is displayed by the contact in the contact portal.


Login & Privacy >> Signup and Login:

These settings let you customize the signup and login flow of your support center.


  • Support Center Landing Page: This setting lets you set the default landing page for your support center. This setting applies only to logged-in contacts and can be overridden manually by the contacts inside their contact portal.

Note: KB or Home landing pages to work, please ensure there is at least one external article available for the brand/section/category.

  • Contact Login Method: This setting lets you customize the login method your contacts would require to access their contact portal.
  • Allow contacts to view KB without logging in: If this setting is enabled, your contacts can view Knowledge base articles without logging in. If this setting is turned off, "Login" page will act as your Home page.
  • Allow contacts to view forum without logging in: If this setting is enabled, your contacts can view forum posts without logging in.
  • Allow contacts to Sign in using. Google: This setting lets you toggle the visibility of "Google Login" Single Sign-on inside your support center.


Login & Privacy >> GDPR:


These settings let you enable and modify GDPR consents for the signup/new ticket forms for audiences affected by the GDPR. Clicking "Translate" allow you to translate consent texts in different languages enabled in your support center.


SEO Optimization:


These settings let you enhance the findability of your KB content in search engines like Google - giving others the opportunity to discover your knowledge base.

  • Allow Search Engines to index your support center: If disabled, this setting will inform search engines not to index your support center.

  • Generate a public sitemap: If enabled, this setting will generate a public sitemap for your support center.

    • The sitemap can be accessed at

  • Pages

    • These settings let you configure Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords etc for your prominent support center pages like Home, Login and New Ticket.

    • You can also specify a social media sharing image and display format. These settings are particularly useful if you share your KB articles on social media.



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