Analyze your customer activity

To monitor your customers’ activity using the Customer Activity View of the report's section, just follow the steps below:

Login to your help desk account and click the “Reports” tab.

Select a report to view it.

Scroll down to the Tabular View and click on the Customer Activity View icon.

You will get a detailed view of your customers' activity with regard to the tickets that the report is based on such as:

The customer's total number of tickets created, pending tickets, completed ticket(Closed and Solved), 
the number of replies sent to the customer from your staff members and 
the total time spent by all help desk staff members working on the tickets raised by this customer.

To reorder the data according to any of the parameters, click on the relevant column head. You can also export these values to .CSV or MS Excel files by clicking on the respective button.

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  • 18-Jul-2016