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How to complete a webhook Set up in HappyFox Workflows?
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When a workflow is created in HappyFox Workflows, a webhook URL is generated. You need to complete the webhook set up before adding the sequence of actions to the workflow. 



You will have to set up the webhook trigger in any of the following ways: 

You can refer to the articles to learn more about setting up the trigger. 


Note: Each of the above-mentioned methods would need a condition to be satisfied in order to trigger the webhook. 



Webhook Triggering Method

Required Condition / Event


Trigger Webhook from a Smart Rule in HappyFox Help Desk

Smart Rule Condition


Manually trigger a webhook from HappyFox Help Desk

User action


Trigger webhook for every ticket creation or update in HappyFox Help Desk

Ticket Creation or Update


Trigger webhook from an external system

Condition or Rule for the Systemic Trigger


Steps to complete webhook set up in HappyFox workflows:


  1. Log in to HappyFox Workflows and Open the Workflow which requires Webhook set up.
  2. The webhook URL corresponding to this workflow needs to be triggered. Hence, login to HappyFox Help Desk or required application, and create a sample ticket (or instance) to simulate the event or condition that would trigger the webhook. i.e. You will need to perform the required ticket actions which would trigger the webhook. Here, a sample trigger using ticket creation containing required keywords in the subject is shown here:
  3. Log in to HappyFox Workflows and open the corresponding workflow 
  4. Click ‘Edit’ which would show the ‘Webhook Setup’ window. 
  5. Click ‘Try Again’ to fetch the Webhook. 
  6. You can view the payload details in the ‘Webhook Details’ section. 
  7. Click ‘Proceed’. 
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