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How do you manually trigger a workflow?
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HappyFox Workflows enables users to trigger a workflow manually from HappyFox Help Desk. In addition to the other systemic triggers like Smart Rules, this option to trigger a workflow on-demand by a human user is allowed. 

Webhook feature needs to be installed and marked active in HappyFox Help Desk > Apps > Goodies. Refer to section ‘enable integration with Webhooks’ in the article.


Enabling manual trigger:

  • Log in to HappyFox workflows.
  • Click ‘Create Workflow’ button. 
  • Enter a Workflow Name.
  • Toggle the ‘Trigger from HappyFox Help Desk Application?’ setting ON. 
  • Click ‘Create Workflow’.



Using the manual trigger in Helpdesk

  • Log in to HappyFox Help Desk. 
  • Open a ticket and navigate to the Ticket Details page.
  • Click the ‘Workflows’ dropdown button available on top of the card. If you are not able to view this option, reach out to the support team to enable the same. 
  • The workflow created will be available for a manual trigger.



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