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How do you set up a smart rule to trigger a workflow?
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The Smart Rules module in HappyFox Help Desk can automate various actions. One such action is to Trigger a Workflow. The workflow can be triggered whenever the required condition is met for a  help desk ticket. 


  1. At least one workflow must be created in HappyFox Workflows. 
  2. Access to configure Smart Rules in HappyFox Help Desk.


Steps to be followed

  1. Log in to HappyFox Help Desk.
  2. Navigate to Automate > Smart Rules module.
  3. Click ‘+’ to create a new Smart Rule.
  4. Click ‘Trigger Workflow’ under the ‘Notify’ column.
  5. Select the desired workflow from the list of workflows and click next.
  6. Set up the required condition on which the workflow needs to be triggered and Click Next
  7. Give the basic details like Smart Rule Name, description. 
  8. If the workflow actions need to be initiated only once for a ticket, toggle the ‘Execute smart rule only once when conditions match’ setting ON. 
  9. Associate the required categories for which the workflow needs to be triggered. 
  10. Save the Smart Rule. 


Important Note: Alternatively, you can use the "Trigger Webhook" action and paste the webhook URL from HappyFox Workflows. All your existing workflows utilizing this option will still continue to work.


Once the Smart Rule is switched on, whenever the smart rule conditions are met, the workflow will be triggered and the sequence of corresponding workflow actions will begin. 

For more details on Smart Rules refer to the article Create and Manage Smart Rules


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