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How to delete a category?
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Deleting a category would remove the category from the helpdesk and will no longer show up in the ticket forms for both agents and contacts. 


Note: To delete a category you need to have “Manage Categories” permission. 


Follow the below steps to delete a category. 

  1. Go to Main menu >> Categories. 

  2. Click on the three dots of the category which you want to delete and select “Edit” 

  1. Click on the delete link within the edit form as shown below. 

  1. On deletion, you can choose how to handle the tickets which are in this category currently as shown below. 

    1. Move tickets to another category: Lets you pick another category to which all the current tickets can be moved to. 

    2. Delete all tickets in this category: Deletes all the tickets that are currently in this category permanently from the helpdesk. 


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