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How to set up an email channel in HelpDesk?
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Emails channel in HappyFox lets you convert the incoming emails to your email ID as HappyFox tickets. Setting up an email channel has 3 parts as listed below 

  1. Create an email channel in HappyFox 
  2. Set up a forwarding rule in your mail provider. 
  3. Verify the channel setup
  4. Set SPF record



Navigate to Channels >> Email from the Module Switcher


To create an email channel, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the “+” icon under the Email tab to open the “Add Email Address” form.
  • Fill in the form as described below :
    • Email address: Enter the email ID from which the emails will be routed to HappyFox.
    • Choose your mail provider(eg., Google, Yahoo, etc): Choosing the mail provider will help us suggest you the specific guideline 
    • Choose which Category should use this email address for sending and receiving emails: The category chosen will receive tickets from the email address entered above, and use the same email address to send back responses (If SMTP configured). 
  • If you do not wish to route these emails to an existing category, you can choose to create a new category to which these tickets should be routed. 
  • Save the form to add this email channel to your HappyFox account. 



Setup forwarding rule:

Once you have successfully hit "Save', you'll have to set up forwarding in your mailbox. Here's how the test forwarding page will look like if you're using Rackspace as email provider. Follow the instructions listed to complete your forwarding setup.  Note: Please copy the email to forward emails to. You would need it during forwarding configuration.


Here are reference links to configure email forwarding in other popular mailboxes:

Note: If you're using any other mailbox provider, select "Other" and please contact your email administrator and share with him/her the email address to forward to.


Verify channel setup

Once you've completed the forwarding configuration, come back to HappyFox and Click "Test Forwarding".



Once you hit test forwarding, a Sample Email will be sent from HappyFox servers to your forwarding email. This should get created as a ticket in HappyFox. This is being done to confirm if the auto-forwarding is completed correctly. Within a few minutes, you should be seeing a success message. If you've reached this step, you would have successfully configured your Email Channel with Auto-Forwarding.


Note: You can also hover over the status icon on the corresponding row to get to know the current status of forwarding. You'll have to re-test the forwarding to ensure it is marked as a success. If you're still not able to get success after repeated entries, your forwarding configuration is done incorrectly. Please reach out to your mail server admin for assistance.



Set SPF record


To ensure all your replies are delivered to your customers always, we strongly recommend setting up the SPF record in your domain name server. 


Steps to verify SPF record:

  1. Click on the desired channel to open the edit form
  2. Copy the spf record to be added to your domain name server from the "SPF Verification Pending" section shown below
  3. Once you have added the above record to your DNS, you can come back to HappyFox and click on "Verify now" to get your account verified. 
  4. Once your SPF record is verified, HappyFox will indicate the same as shown below
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