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Get Support Requests from your Website! (Through the Support Widget)
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Support Widgets allows you to create your own customizable In-Website widgets that can be placed in any website of your choice. The widget can be customized to pre-fill form data and show custom text. Also, multiple such widgets can be created.

Using this widget, your website visitors can:

  • Raise new HappyFox support queries using the information provided in the form.
  • Search/browse your Knowledge Base articles prior to raising new tickets.

Available on all pricing plans.


Support Widget - Quick Installation Guide:

  • Log in to your HappyFox helpdesk.
  • Go to Apps >> Goodies >> Support Widget.
  • Click "Install".

  • Click "Create a Support Widget".
  • Provide the name, heading, description, Widget tab text, Support Widget Custom Text, Widget tab positions, Embed options and Support Widget options.
  • Specify a color for the widget tab.
  • Select the Widget version based on the JQuery version required
    V1 will use JQuery version 1.11.0
    V2 will use the JQuery version 3.6.3

  • Note:  By default V2 version of the support widget with the latest JQuery(3.6.3) will be selected.

  • If GDPR compliant, choose to ask for consent from customers by enabling the checkbox.
  • Associate the categories you would want the tickets to be created from the widget.
  • In the advanced settings, specify any Custom JS/HTML.


  • Click "Save Settings" to create the widget.
  • In the subsequent screen, Copy the JQuery code snippet, and paste it on your website's code. You may choose to preview your widget in a sample website if needed.


A Sample Support Widget in Action:


Pre-filling form fields for support widget:

To auto-populate fields, you have to customize the URL you are using to launch the support widget by adding the necessary query parameters. An example of a customized widget URL:


More parameters:

phone=<value> - Phone number if the field is enabled.
hide_contact_info=true - This will hide the name / email / phone fields from the form. 

category=<value> - Will select the category.


Prefilling Custom fields:

The field name should be passed with spaces replaced by
underscores. For the custom field value, Based on the type of the custom field:


   - Text & Number
        Any text or number to be included as the value
        Eg) ticket_text_field=Hello


   -  Dropdown
         The value should be the display text of the option ( case insensitive)
          Eg) ticket_dropdown_field=Dropdown Choice 1


   -  Multiple Choice Field
        The value should be comma separated display text of the options to be selected ( case insensitive )
         Eg) ticket_multiple_choice_field=one,two


    - Date Field
        The date field should be passed in the format DD MMM YYYY
         Eg) ticket_date_field=13 Apr 2016


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What is Name, Heading, and Description? Will my contacts know about this?


The name is an internal reference within your help desk. In case you manage multiple websites from the same help desk, you can use Website A support form or Website B contact form as the names of the form.

The heading is the text that will appear when the form is opened by the contacts. You could provide some instructional text in the Heading and Description fields.


2) Why should I associate with categories?


In case you want your contacts to have the option to submit to different categories on your help desk, you can choose the relevant categories. If only one category is selected, the drop-down will not appear and the software will submit the requests to the selected category, by default.


3) What customizations are available for the widget tab?


You can choose the color of the tab, the text to appear and determine the position of this widget tab on your website. You can also choose whether to allow your contacts to access or search the knowledge base through the support widget. You can specify a custom text to be displayed at the footer of the support widget





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