Daylight Savings Time - Agent Guide

If you are an organization that adheres to Daylight savings time, HappyFox has introduced four DST aware timezones to ensure that your helpdesk automatically adjusts to the time difference when daylight savings starts or ends. 

Agents can switch to DST timezone for their ticketing timestamps to correspondingly reflect the adjusted DST Aware time.


Steps to Switch to DST timezones for Agents:

  • Go to Profile >> My Settings
  • Select "Localization Settings" tab.
  • Under Time Zone, select your appropriate Daylight Savings time zone.
  • Click "Save".


  •  To make Smart Rules, SLAs and other time-dependent automation modules DST aware, you must specify the corresponding DST timezones in their related Work Schedule.
  • To make scheduled tickets DST aware, you must contact your account administrator to change the "Account Timezone" to a DST timezone.
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  • 02-Nov-2018