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Credentials of Account administrator
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The account administrator is normally the one who signs up for the HappyFox instance. Apart from inviting other staff to the application you can find below more capabilities of the Admin within HappyFox application. 

1. The first staff (admin) account is created with the details of the account administrator.

2. The account administrator is assigned the Admin role on HappyFox, which entitles him/her to access all the features, settings under the Manage tab and all actions on the ticket

3. The account administrator has access to the following functionalities of your HappyFox account.

  • Changing the company logo,
  • Setting the default timezone for the instance,
  • Set the default language of the instance,
  • Set the Company Name,
  • Set the no-reply FROM address,
  • Provide the SMTP authentication details, set the color scheme for the instance, etc.
  • Security Settings (IP restriction)
  • Application personalization settings
  • Compact view preferences
  • New ticket from customizations
  • Advanced Incoming Email Settings (Optional)
  • Option to reset a contact's password from their contact page
  • Contact Import process
  • Managing the Billing section 
    • Update: All agents will Manage Billing permission will now have access to the billing section.
  • Only the account admin receives the SSO Staff system notification

4. The account administrator is associated to the default category, created automatically when the instance is created.

5. The account administrator role can be transferred to another user on the help desk if required.

For changing the account administrator of your happyFox account, login as the existing account admin and choose the new admin from the dropdown options under Manage >> General >> Basic Settings >> Account Administrator.

6. If you are a Fantastic/Enterprise customer who uses SMS feature, account admin is the one who can Register a number, Refill the account, set auto-refill from Manage >> SMS page.

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