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How to sign up for a HappyFox subscription plan?
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Congratulations on moving your organization forward with HappyFox! 


If you have already started a trial and are nearing the trial expiration date, you might want to consider subscribing to an active HappyFox pricing plan.


Subscribing to a HappyFox plan is super-easy and all the work you have done while in trial mode will be retained once you have an active subscription.


Subscribing to a Plan:

Only Account Administrators and Agents with "Manage Billing" permission access can sign up for a plan or edit subscription details.


  • Go to Billing section from the Module Switcher.

  • Navigate to Subscriptions -> HappyFox Help Desk from the left sidebar.
  • You will be able to find your current trial information like plan, trial duration, product and account name. Click on "Activate Subscription" to continue.



  • In the subsequent pop-up, you can specify the subscription details like the pricing plan, the number of agents and billing frequency. On the right pane, you can view a quick summary of the estimated billing amount. Click "next" once you have finalized the plan details.

  • After finalizing the plan details, you'd be asked to enter credit card details, billing & shipping addresses and tax-related information. Click "next" once these entities are filled.
    • Note: If you are exempt from paying taxes, please email us at with relevant tax exemption certificate(s).


  • In the last stage, you'll be able to view a summary of all the essential details linked to your HappyFox subscription. Kindly review and agree to HappyFox's privacy policy and terms & conditions. Click "Purchase Subscription" to confirm the purchase.

  • If purchase is successful, you'll be seeing a success pop-up similar to this.


Suggested next reading: if you'd like to make subscription-related upgrades post-trial, check out this article.

Note: If you have billing related queries, please send an email to
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